3D Printer Rankings

3d printed beyblades

14 Of The Coolest 3D Printed Beyblades and Launchers 2021

Never underestimate the power of nostalgia, especially with those of us who grew up in the 1990’s. ‘90s babies will likely not be surprised that the idea of a 3D printed Beyblade … Read more

best 3d printed gifts

29 Best 3D Printed Gifts You Can Print Today in 2022

Many people believe that commercialism has taken over too many of our beloved celebratory events. From birthdays to Christmas, or one-off celebrations like graduations and housewarmings, a lot more people are taking … Read more

best 3d printer slicer ranking

The Top 10 Best 3D Slicers 2022 (6 Are Free!)

So you’ve got a 3D printer — great, right? You plug it in (or put it together if you’ve got a DIY 3D printer kit) and it’s ready to go, filament loaded. … Read more

3d printed cookie cutters

52 Cool 3D Printed Cookie Cutters You Can Print At Home

It’s often said that cooking is an art, but baking is a science. This statement has caused debates in many a household, but all can agree that both are open to interpretation, … Read more

coolest best 3d puzzle

The 32 Coolest 3D Puzzles 2022 (For Kids & Adults!)

There’s nothing quite like a puzzle to liven up the brain and stretch the imagination. As our minds grow, so does our capacity to exercise them, and this is where 3D puzzles … Read more

3d printer accessories

The 13 Most Important 3D Printer Accessories For Perfect Prints

So you’ve bought a 3D printer. It’s shiny and brand new, and you’ve just started printing your first models. It comes with a bit of PLA to get you started, but you’re … Read more

best 3d animation software guide

The 7 Best 3D Animation Software 2022 (Some are Free!)

The best 3D animation software is vital for animators working on films, TV series, visual effects and architectural visualizations, to name just a few applications. Animation is a fantastic skill to have … Read more

best interior and home design software

8 Best Home and Interior Design Software 2022 (Some are Free!)

The best home and interior design software are a must-have for anyone with an interest in these areas. With the top software, there’s no longer any need to spend hours upon hours … Read more

3d printing stocks shares cover

Every 3D Printing Stock & Share Price Publicly Traded 2022

In the early 2000s there were hardly any 3D printing stocks to buy; the industry was not large enough for companies to go public. Stratasys was the first 3D printing stock you … Read more

best 3d modeling software

6 Best 3D Modeling Software 2022 (All Skill Levels)

From architecture, construction and engineering to animation, game development and interior design, the best 3D modeling software is a vital tool for professionals in a variety of industries. There’s a wide range … Read more

best diy resin 3d printer kit

The DIY Resin SLA 3D Printers You Can Build From $20!

With the internet at just about everyone’s disposal, freely shared tutorials and videos have awakened many to the satisfying and rewarding nature of doing things yourself. DIY resin 3D printers have been … Read more

best 3d rendering software

6 Best 3D Rendering Software 2022 (Some are Free!)

The best 3D rendering software is a crucial tool for professionals across a huge range of industries – architecture, film and VFX, video games, automotive design, fashion – the list goes on. It allows … Read more

best mini 3d printer buyers guide small

The 8 Best Mini 3D Printers 2022 (ALL Price Ranges!)

Advances in 3D printing have created more accurate and faster 3D printers that are smaller and cheaper than ever before, leading to the current range of mini 3D printer options that can … Read more

best 3d printers for jewelry

5 Best 3D Printers For Jewelry 2022 (All Price Ranges!)

3D printing jewelry rarely means 3D printing actual wearable pieces made from filament or resin, but instead using a jewelry 3D printer to create high-resolution wax models of the eventual gold or … Read more

best sls 3d printer ranking

Top 11 Best SLS 3D Printers 2022 (For ALL Price Ranges!)

Selective Laser Sintering is one of the main plastic 3D printing technologies for creating accurate parts on demand. SLS 3D printers create accurate prototypes by sintering plastic powders using a laser. As … Read more

best chocolate 3d printer guide

The 4 Best Chocolate 3D Printers 2022

Chocolate is a $50 billion market worldwide, and over half of Americans say that chocolate is their absolute favorite flavor. With the demand for more exciting designs and ways of presenting chocolate … Read more

3d pen art ideas

11 Cool 3D Pen Art Projects 2022 (With Video Guides!)

3D drawing pens are a marvel of technology. Born from the need to fix a fault in a 3D printing job, what is essentially a handheld 3D printer quickly found traction and … Read more

coolest things to 3d print

The 34 Coolest & Most Useful Things To 3D Print 2022

Today, there are many cheap and affordable 3D printers available to anyone, and everyone’s on the lookout for the coolest things to 3D print. From practical to aesthetic, everyday use or conversation … Read more